Indian Medicinal Plants

Indian Medicinal Plants

by M.P. Singh, Mrs Somadey
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  • Year: 2005
  • Language: ENGLISH
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In the modern medicine also plants occupy a very significant birth as a raw materials for some important drugs, although synthetic drugs and antibiotics brought about a revolution in controlling different diseases. But these synthetic drugs are out of reach of millions of people. Those who live in remote places depends on traditional heaters, whom they know and trust. Judicious use of medicinal herbs can even cure deadly disease that have long defined synthetic drugs the relationship between man and tree has existed since time immemorial. The usefulness of trees and their protection was emphasized in ancient literature like “Puranas” and the “Bhagawat Gita”.

More than 200 medicinal plants are used in modern medicine. Plants used in traditional system of medicine of pharmaceutical houses in collected form wild sources. Most of the medicinal plants are cultivated commercially rowa days for extraction of some important active constituents for use in modern medicine.

Dr. M.P. Singh, Head of the Department Forest Sciences, Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi (Jharkhand) has obtained his master’s degree in Botany with specialization in plant Taxonomy. He has done Ph. D. on “FLORA OF PATNA” from Patna University, Patna and Diploma in Forestry from Forest Research Institute, Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education, Dehradun. He is fellow in life Sciences, Mendelian Society of India, Patna.

Besides teaching, Dr. Singh has been engaged with independent research in project of Government of India as Principal Investigator. He is one of the noted “Taxonomist” of the country, popularly known as Roxburgh ii. and have about twenty five years of long research experiences. He is an advisor of the Government of India for whole Eastern Region on Floristic Research and a member of FLORA INDIA. He is an Editor of Journal “New Botanist” for forestry Sector. He has Published eighteen books in Botany, Forestry and on Environmental Sciences besides Editor of an “Encyclopedia on Energy Resources” Published in four volumes. He has also published one hundred ten research paper in National and International Journals and has guided a Ph.D. students about ten in Botany and Forestry. He is one of the member of Botanical Survey of India in a Research Selection Committee. He has extensively traveled in India and abroad in connection to floristic studies.

  • Introduction
  • Role of Medicinal Plants of Forest Origin in Horo-pathy
  • Medicinal Plants of Forest Origin in Use Under Ayurvedic System of Medicine
  • Role of Forest Species Under Unani System of Medicine
  • Role of Forest Species in Homoeo-pathic Pharmacy
  • Role of Medicinal Plants in Medical Astrology
  • Indigenous Forest Species Used in Fertility Control
  • Role of Indigenous Plants in Control of Diabetes
  • Rare and Endangered Medicinal Plant Species Needing Special Attention for Protection
  • Potentialities of Medicinal Plant Cultivation in India
  • Medicinal Plants, Their Occurrence in India and Parts of The Plant Used
  • Dealers, Producers and Exporters of Crude Drugs and Aromatic Plants in India
  • Description of Medicinal Plants Abies (tourn) Linn. Pinaceae
  • Bibliography
  • List of Figures and Plants
  • Index