Animal Feed Technology

Animal Feed Technology

by S.S Kundu Et. Al.
  • ISBN: 8189304062
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2021
  • Language: ENGLISH
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Livestock raising is undergoing a phenomenal change during last few years. Its economic importance has further increased and likely to zoom in coming years. The population growth, urbanization, change in dietary preferences and increased income, have driven the demand for foods of animal origin. Feed and fodder supply still remains the most critical impediment in the growth of livestock industry in the country. Overall deficiency in feed supply remains around 50%. The current production of compound feed from the feed manufacturing sector is only to the tune of 10 million tones per year against a conservative demand of 40 million tones. In present scenario it appears imperative to give a immediate filip to the feed production. The editors in the present book have contemplated the available informations contributed by learnered experts in their field. The book cover the topics like cereal availability, processing, gelatinization, extrusion technology, codex alimentarius, protection of fats and protens, urea molasses mineral block technology, antrinutri- nutional factors, processing for pig feeding liquid feed handing storage losses, mineral mixture preparation, agro-industrial by products, feed microscopy, probiotics, herbal feed additives etc. It is expected that the book will be equally useful to research scientist in engineering, animal nutrition, students and feed manufacturing industries alike.

Dr. P. S. Pathak after studies at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, started his career as a lecture and has 36 years of research experience in the field of Agroforestry, Agrosilvipoastoral systems, Silvipastoral systems, Growth and production modeling of trees, Wasteland reclamation and development, Range management. He served as Assistant Director General (Agro forestry), ICAR, New Delhi from 1996-2000. Dr. Pathak coordinated the TPN-2 network project on agroforestry and soil conservation of CCD of the United Nations where 5 institutes of ICAR were involved.

He was associated with the development of an IDRC, Canada supported project proposal on Silvipastoral Systems of Production for Development of Degraded lands in Bundelkhand region. He is President RMSI and Portfolio Holder of a number of scientific societies and fellow of National Institute of Ecology and National Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Dr. Pathak visited 16 countries for attending international meetings, workshops and field trips related to Agroforestry, Multipurpose Trees and Shrubs(MPTS) development, Grassland management, Development oriented research in agricultural and development of degraded lands.

He is recipient of ICAR Team Research Award for outstanding research in the area of agricultural sciences (Natural Resource Management) in the year 2002. He has almost 265 research publications including 16 books (edited) and 2 books authored to his credit. Currently, as Director of Indian Grassland & Fodder Research Institute (IGFRI), Jhansi. He is guiding and managing research in the area of forage production and its utilization in the country since July 2000.

  • Status of Feed Industry
  • Design and Development of Feed Plant
  • Aqua Feed Plant-Operation and Maintenance
  • Feed Industry in Southern India
  • Oil Cakes - Quality and Availability
  • Processing of Oilseeds for Cakes
  • Livestock Situation and Cereal Demand
  • Cereal Processing
  • Storage Losses in Feeds
  • Bis Specifications for Feeds
  • Gelatinization
  • Feed Microscopy
  • Liquid Feeds Handling
  • Feed Plants and their Management
  • Agro-industrial by Products
  • Herbal Feed Additives
  • Probiotics in Small Ruminants
  • Protection of Proteins and Fats
  • UMMB Supplement to Straw Based Diet
  • Mineral Mixture Preparation
  • Feed Processing for Pigs
  • Pesticide Residues in Feeds
  • Antiquality Factors in Feeds
  • Extrusion Technology
  • Codex Alimentarius : Food Safety and Quality Control
  • Index