Advances In Earth Sciences Volume - 1

Advances In Earth Sciences Volume - 1

by Satish C. Tripathi
  • ISBN: 8189304666
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2009
  • Language: ENGLISH
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The Advances in Earth Sciences is a multidisciplinary book series addressed to all the domains of earth sciences. It is an attempt to bring the researches in all the spheres of the Earth at a single platform to appraise earth scientists about the recent developments in various disciplines in order to promote multidomain interaction and research. This book is also the print edition of the open access quarterly e-Journal Earth Science India-, Volume-II, 2009. The e-Journal Earth Science India provides an opportunity of earliest possible publication of the research work where as the book Advances in Earth Sciences serve the purpose of archival and record. The papers address to fundamental earth science researches to the aspects of societal needs. It is the publication of The Society of Earth Scientists (SES).

Dr. Satish C. Tripathi is Honorary Editor of Earth Science India and Secretary, The Society of Earth Scientists(SES).His main areas of research are Precambrian geology of Lower Himalaya and Central India and dinosaur fossil bearing Cretaceous sequence of Narmada valley. He has carried out extensive field work in Central India and Extra-peninsular region. Dr. Tripathi also led an expedition in the higher reaches of Himachal Himalaya. He has about 32 research papers to his credit, in international and national journals. Dr. Tripathi is at present working with the Geological Survey of India.

Prof. S.K. Tandon, FNA, is Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi. A sedimentologist of international repute, Prof. Tandon received several prestigious awards including Bhatnagar Award, is in the executive of noted scientific societies and boards and reviewer of several international journals. He has carried cut extensive research in Quaternary geology, sedimentology, palaeoclimate and fluvial systems and published more than 100 papers in international and national journals.

Prof. A. R. Bhattacharya, Centre of Advanced Study in Geology, University of Lucknow, is a well known structural geologist. A Humboldtian and a renowned teacher, Prof. Bhattacharya has published more than 76 internationally acclaimed research papers, one of these, in Tectonophysics, was selected as "Top 25 Hottests Papers" by Elsevier. Prof. Bhattacharya received a number of prestigious awards and honours and was also Guest Professor at Gottingen University and Aachen University of Technology, Germany.

  • Lateral Zonation Around Archean Nucleus of the Dharwar Craton, India : Its Deformation, Segmentation and Subsequent Breakup
  • Granite Series Evaluation of Early Ordovician Kyrdem Granitoids and Enclaves, Meghalaya Plateau, Northeast India: Implication on Oxidation Condition of Interacting
  • Basement Rocks of the Kumaun - Garhwal Himalaya: Implications for Himalayan Tectonics
  • Some Observations on the Thrust Geometry of the Siwalik Rocks of the Outer Himalaya, India
  • Fluvial Palaeohydrological Studies in Western India: A Synthesis
  • Small-Scale Deformational Structures as Significant Shear-Sense Indicators: An Example from Almora Crystalline Zone, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya
  • Climate Change and its Future Impact on the Indo-Ga
  • Speleothems from the Himalaya and the Monsoon: A Preli
  • Sediment Characteristics and Heavy Mineral in Distribution Tamiraparani Estuary and off Tuticorin, Tamilnadu-SEMStudies
  • New Trends in Gondwana Palaeobotany
  • Brissid Echinoid Eup from the Khuiala Formation, Jaisalmer District
  • Recently Studied Sedimentary Records from the Eastern Arabian Sea: Implications to Holocene Monsoon Variability
  • Marine 14C Reservoir Age and Suess Effect in the Indian Ocean
  • Variation in Erythemal UV Dose for Indian Cities as Observed from Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment Data
  • Chemical Characteristics of Water Soluble Components of Fine Particulate Matter, PM2.5, at Delhi, India
  • Cosmic Rays and Earth’s Atmospheric Processes: A Review
  • Use of Interactions between NAO and MJO for the Prediction of Dry and Wet Spell in Monsoon Season
  • Geothermal Energy Resources and its Potential in India
  • SFARF: Software for Classification of Fourier Shape of the Fold around Tamadhaun, District Almora, Uttarakha