Animal Agriculture Biotechnology

Animal Agriculture Biotechnology

by Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani
  • ISBN: 8189304682
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2009
  • Language: ENGLISH
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A new global system of research has to cope up with these new global challenges. The whole book has been arranged in two broad sections. The first section consists of 28 chapters including last chapter on references cited. Every chapter is a complete entity in itself. One is not bound to read the book in a systemic order. Every attempt has been made to present latest and futurist view of animal-agriculture biotechnology. Section II on Agriculture and Allied policies has been described briefly in chapters 29-37, topics like Agriculture Productivity, Agro-econconcerns, Agribusiness, Agriclinics, Indigenous-agro-techniques. Horticulture and a vivid new reforms on Extension Education.

The author and editor of this book Prof. Dr. Ghulam Mohy-Ud-Din is gold medalist and first position in BVSC and AH, MVSC, Dr. Med vet from reputed and world class I Universities of Udaipure, Rajasthan, GBPUA & T, Pantnagar and world first Veterinary University of Hannover, Germany. His Ph.D from IVRI as in service ARS scientist and his dedicated and merituous services as first batch ARS scientist at CIRG crowned him Sr. scientist (S-2) grade through assessment and a (DAAD) German Academic Fellowship for post doctorate degree in Germany. His pioneering work on ultrasonography, laparoscopy, ovarian manipulation’s, embryo culture, post-partum oestrus, post-partum involution and micro manipulation has been published in leading professional Journal of world like world review of Animal Production, Small Ruminant Research, zuchthygiene, besides leading Indian and Asian Journal of repute like Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, Indian Journal of Animal Reproduction and Indian Journal of Small Ruminants. He is honored as referee and reviewer of all these Journal on Small Ruminant Research and Biotechnology.

He has served as editor of IVRI /CIRG, Makhdoom Annual Reports 1979-85, SKUAST news editor 1992-97 and National Editor of Indian Journal of Animal Reproduction 2006-09. He has published more than 200 original research papers, research reviews, project reports, conferences papers and training manuals, besides 12 books, booklets and has contributed chapters in the world famous Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences besides book chapters in books, written by Vetrons in India and abroad. His work on ultrasonography, laparoscopy and embryo biotechnology is translated in many languages and name has become a legend in this filed. One needs to press his pen name Wani G.M. Hundreds of bytes citing him appear on the screen of your computer on His bio-data, achievements and recognitions are carried by various international websites, such as;;; www.piwet.pulawy.pi;;;; He is recognized by Winrocks International as a registered professional, academic partner of EU and has dozens international and national awards. His work on DNA finger printing was first of its kind in 1990 and the honorarium bestowed to him by donors was donated by him as Wani-Gall, Gelderman fellowship for his students which has accumulated to Rs. 27 lacs as foundation funds for this Wani-Gall-Geldermann fellowship to be advocated by FAST-Kashmir. His research as student and guide has earned many awards and fellowship to his students, who are now leading project leaders of famous national and international laboratories. His work on ova-pic up through laparoscopy, GnRH as therapy for infertility and earey Luteal phase ovarian manipulation are basis of modern follicular dynamics. His work on foetal- uterine interactions - a priority area of research marked in USA in 2004 is a pioneering innovative work yet to be initiated in the world of science. Prof. Wani has served as ARS scientist at IVRI, CIRG, Veterinary University Hannover, Germany, Agriculture University SKUAST-K and Hohenhein, Germany as research Scholar, Professor and Director, he has been national and international consultant, chairman and expert reviewer of ICAR eminent scientists progress report, DST, ICAR projects proposals and a guest professor/visiting scientist in various countries. He has visited Europe, Russia, and many other continents for seeking and delivering knowledge. His earlier books on pregnancy diagnosis, embryo biotechnology, have been out saled and the present book brings a new and modern outlook on these topics besides new advancement in science and Technology since 1986-96. He is presently engaged as Chief Consultant Animal Husbandry and Fishries, RFNA, Govt. of India, New Delhi, after his hon’ble retirement as Director, State Agricultural Management & Extension Training Institute, SKUAST-K, Shalimar.

  • Section - I Animal Biotechnology
  • Mammalian Ovarian Angiogenesis and Implantation
  • Endocrinological Advances-Vision 2050
  • Morphological and Biochemical Changes in Genital Organs During Embryonic and Foetal Development
  • Ultrasonography and Laparoscopy in Farm Animals
  • Small Ruminant Reproductive Diseases
  • Nano - Stem Cell Technology Use in Mammalian Reproduction
  • Reproductive Technology Applications
  • Ovarian Manipulation and Ovulation
  • Stem Cell Technological Applications
  • Sustainable Livestock Productivity Reproductive Prospective
  • Clinical Aspects of Embryonic and Fetal Development in Small Ruminants
  • Ovarian and Foetal Abnormalities in Small Ruminants
  • Reproductive Health Management of Mammals
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis in Ruminants
  • Future Research in Reproduction-Vision 2100
  • Wild Animals Damages to Agrarian Economy
  • Nuclear and Embryo Manipulation Techniques
  • Early Embryonic Development in Sheep and Goats
  • Mammalian Foetal Attachment
  • Uterine Physiology and Foetal Development
  • New Embryonic Concepts
  • Early Pregnancy Signs
  • Reproductive Disease Management
  • Pathological Aspect of Disease Diagnosis
  • Reproductive-Abnormalities in Small Ruminants
  • Involution of Uterus
  • Cervical Alterations During Pregnancy in Small Ruminants
  • Livestock Development Policy and Vision 2050
  • Section - II Agriculture Scenario and Environment
  • Agricultural Productivity Gains Through Capacity Building, Eco-Friendly Farming and Extension Education Reforms
  • Success Stories of Agribusiness/ Agri-Clinics-A Tool of Agri Entrepreneurship
  • Eco-Friendly Agricultural Productivity with Indigenous Techniques in Kashmir
  • Employment Opportunities for Agricultural Graduates
  • The Horticulture Development in Jammu and Kashmir, Past, Present, Future Research and Outreach Initiatives
  • Extension Education Reformation I - New Reformation Models
  • Extension Education Reformation II-Technology Use and Knowledge Upgradation
  • Extension Education Reformation III-Farmers Perception and Farmers School
  • Capacity Building and E-Extension for Enhancing Agriculture Productivity in India