Organic Pest Management Potentials And Applications

Organic Pest Management Potentials And Applications

by P. Narayanasamy
  • ISBN: 8189304755
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2018
  • Language: ENGLISH
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Considering appropriateness of eco-friendly tactics in the management of crop pests and grains in storage, a refresher course was held for first time at the Department of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, Tamilnadu during January 21– February 10, 2008. The training was attented by participants from various institutions and elite entomologists gave lectures.

Various chapters brought under the purview of this book include: Integrated Pest Management with focus on organic pest control in various field and plantation crops, mass production techniques & potential for various biocontrol agents & microbial insecticides, ,utilization of plant products against pests, use of pheromones and traps in crop pests management, host plant resistance, flyash as a component in pest control, potential of biocontrol agents and organic amendnments in the management of plant parasitic nematodes, plant nutrition technologies for pest management and plant-pest interaction.

The overall contents of the book would emphasize eco-friendly pest contol tactics applicable in field and horticultural ecosystems and in grain store godowns.

The contents of the book would auger well for promoting eco-friendly techniques of pest management.

Dr. P. Narayanasamy: Presently serving as Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Professor and Head, Department of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamilnadu and has rendered 36 years of service at Annamalai University in the Department of Entomology. He conducted scores of research projects funded by Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, Government of Tamil Nadu and University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

At present, two mega research projects on Development and Utilization of Flyash as a Carrier in chemical and herbal insecticide formulations to a tune of Rs. 3.21 crores funded by Ministry of Coal and Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India are underway.

He has to his credit publications of more than 120 research papers and 11 books and organized three national level seminars on ‘Use of Flyash in Agriculture a Refresher Course on Mycoinsecticide : A Potential bio pesticide of Today and Tommarow” and a Refresher Course on ‘Organic Pest Control’ during 2008. His fields of specialization are:

*Developed a fungal Insecticide, Mycoinsecticide 70% WP against rice brown planthopper and green leafhopper
*Discovered flyash as an insecticide and a carrier in chemical and herbal insecticide formulations
*Documented more than 1000 indigenous pest control practices and revalidated important practices for farmers’ use. Also large number of tribal pest control practices collated from various hillocks in Tamil Nadu were also documented and published.

  • I. Organic Pest Control: Scenario in India
  • Status and Scope of Organic Pest Control in Indian Agriculture
  • Scope of Organic Pest Control Options in Integrated Crop Pest Management
  • Scope of Organic Pest Control in Oilseeds Crops
  • Eco-friendly Management of Soil-Borne Pests
  • Organic Pest Management in Agricultural Ecosystems
  • Integrated Pest Management in Tea in South India: Problems and Prospects
  • Pest Problems and Their Eco-friendly Management Techniques in Cardamam
  • Management of Coconut Pests under Organic Farming Conditions
  • Promoting IPM with Focus on Organic Pest Control
  • II. Utilization of Biological Control Agents
  • Emerging Trends in Improving the Impact Potential of Biocontrol Agents: Case Study of Trichogramma
  • Biological Control of Pests in Horticultural Ecosystems
  • Mass Production Protocols for Potential Biological Control Agents
  • Improved Mass Production Technologies of Major Biocontrol Agents for Efficient Pest Management
  • Analysis of Natural Enemy Biodiversity in Rice and Cotton Ecosystems and Evaluation of IPM Components
  • III. Utilization of Microbials
  • Utilization of Microbials in Crop Protection
  • Registration for Mass Production of Microbial Biopesticides
  • Impact of Research and Development (R and D) in Enhancing the Field Potential of Baculoviruses
  • Mycoinsecticides : Towards Organic Pest Control
  • IV. Botanical Insecticides
  • Potential of Botanical Biopesticides for Efficient Pest Management Strategies
  • Secondary Plant Compounds in Insect Pest Management Practical Experiences and Prospects
  • Utility of Plant Products in Organic Pest Control
  • V. Pheromones and Traps
  • Use of Pheromones for Managing Pests of Field Crops
  • Traps for Management of Stored Product Insects
  • Use of Lures and Traps as Ecofriendly Techniques for Organic Pest Control: Case Study of Fruit Flies
  • Traps in Crop Pests Management
  • VI. Host Plant Resistance
  • Host Plant Resistance as Complement to Organic Pest Management
  • VII. Flyash in Pest Control
  • Flyash : Potential Component in Organic Pest Control
  • VIII. Phytonematodes
  • Potential of Biocontrol Agents in the Management of Nematode Pests of Crops
  • Scope of Organic Amendments for the Management of Plant Parasitic Nematodes
  • IX. Miscellaneous
  • Appropriate Plant Nutrition Technologies for Sustainable Pest Management
  • Plant-Pest Interaction
  • Index