Reproductive Physiology And Livestock Embryo Transfer

Reproductive Physiology And Livestock Embryo Transfer

by G.M. Wani Et All.
  • ISBN: 8189304844
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2018
  • Language: ENGLISH
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The book is arranged in four sections, to allow an reader to concentrate on a topic. The known descriptive reviews on a theme are followed by detailed new concepts on the topics. This is done to abridge the gap and make reader comfortable with new terms & inventions on that theme. Most of the chapters of this book were kept for free comments under various websites. Readers were requested to send their comments, some viewers comments have been accomodated in this book too that extant this book has become a peer reviewed reference material.

None of the written works in this mortal world is complete or without mistakes, omissions or commisions. The authors accept and apologise in advance for any such finds by you Sir, the reader reviewer or critical analyst. Please communicate your observations to us and feel free to criticize or give your suggestions for making this book useful to all, who read it.

Lastly, some of the latest advances in reproductive physiology have been reviewed by the young talented co-editors Dr. Gazanfer Wani - a 1st positioner in MBBS (Goldmedalist) and Dr. Paras Wani a BUMS, MD (Goldmedalist). Some of the latest narrations of this book have been peer reviewed by the students, professors & readers around the globe. The articles were put in five websites for critical observations. Many people around the globe have read them & even attempted to translate them in their languages.

The special knowledge ridden chapters on folliculo-genesis, gap junction, genetic techniques have been grouped as separate chapters. This is intentional as we wish our readers to be conversant with basics, before understanding these new knowledge explosions.

This book is to serve both as a text & reference book. It shall serve as post graduate text book for MD, MVSc, MSc, Ph.D., DVM, Dr. Med. Biosciences, Biologists. We request you to be our partner in desseminating knowledge through this book. We are open to Criticism, Suggestions, Reviews or even corrections too.

Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani, BVSC & AH (Goldmedalist) MVSc (VOG), DVM (Hannover, Germany), Ph.D. (IVRI), DAAD Fellow, Fn ISGAPU, EU Academic Partner, 4 Bismillah Colony, Post Office Sant Nagar, Bagat-e-Barzullah, Srinagar, Kashmir-190 005, Jammu and Kashmir State, India.                                                                               

Gazanfer Wani, MBBS (Goldmedalist ), 35 D Johri Farm, Noornagar Extension, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi – 110025.                                                                                           

Paras Wani, BUMS (Goldmedalist ) (Community Medicine), Lecturer Community Medicine , Govt. of Delhi, Tibia College Ajmal Khan Road , Karol Bagh, New Delhi, 17 E Johri Farm , Noornagar Extension, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi – 110025.

  • Section-I: Reproductive Physiology
  • Ovarian Activity and Ovulation (Known Concepts)
  • Oogenesis in Mammals-(New Concepts)
  • Ovulation: New Concepts
  • Mammalian Ova Releases (Biochemical Concepts)
  • Gap Junction and Oocyte Development (GJOD)
  • Bovine Folliculogenesis Advances
  • Gamete Transport and Fertilization
  • Mammalian Foetal Physiology and Biochemistry (Ovine Model)
  • Technological Advances of Research by Author and His Group
  • Development of Conceptus
  • Section-II: Endocrinology and Reproduction
  • Endocrinology of Reproduction
  • Hormonal Regulation of Reproductive Functions
  • Endocrinological Advances and Reproduction
  • Pre-Implantation Conceptus (Ovine Experiences)
  • Placental Formation and Attachment During Early Pregnancy in Sheep
  • Section-III: Reproductive Diagnostics
  • Endoscopy in Reproduction
  • Ultrasonic Pregnancy Diagnosis (Ovine and Caprine as Models for Research)
  • Imaging Reproductive Techniques
  • Morphology and Biochemistry of Gravidity in Sheep
  • Section-IV: Embryo Transfer Technology
  • Importance of Livestock Embryo Transfer Technology (LETT)
  • Embryo Implantation Research Advances
  • Fertility Management
  • New Models in Reproduction
  • Donor Sheep for Mutton a Narration of Mongolian Breeds
  • New Global Dairy Economic Review as a Prelude to Embryo Transfer
  • Embryo Transfer in Cattle
  • Reproductive Efficiency in Sheep and Goat
  • Reproductive Genetic Techniques
  • Reproductive Management and Meat Production
  • Livelihood Opportunities and New Technologies
  • Goat Production as Livelihood Resource
  • Bibliography of Selected References