Indigenous Knowledge in the Terrains of Himalaya The Life & Destiny

Indigenous Knowledge in the Terrains of Himalaya The Life & Destiny

by K. Pradhan, S. K. Acharya, Zigme Yolmo
  • ISBN: 9789353870096
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2020
  • Language: ENGLISH
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The Knowledge is socially created , Socially transmitted and Socially evolved . The pathway of Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) in the social ecology of the world’s most beautiful hill terrains of Darjeeling now stands at a cross – road, confronting a juxtaposition of erosion and conflict between modernity and tradition. Amidst the bounties of nature , there has been a quiet and voiceless erosion of rich traditional knowledge of these pristine hill people , who have got their unique discourse of life and livelihood . The book ‘Indigenous Knowledge in the Terrains of Himalaya: The Life and Density ‘ has been a splendid creation by having a blend between vertical research and intuitive learning . The methods of participatory validation, documentation and quantification of ITK have been followed in this book to frame up the text and dictum of their agrarian life , discourse and destiny . We hope and believe that the book will come up with splashing to drench the inquisitive minds across the disciplines of agricultural and social sciences.       

Dr. Kausik Pradhan, is an erudite personality in the academic world of Agricultural extension. With his constructive thought, extreme mettle of innovative ideas , research acumen and strong diligence in academics he has established himself as the omnipotent academic member under the aegis of Agricultural Extension. At Present this proven personality is offering his benevolent service as the Associate Professor and Head , Department of Agricultural Extension, Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidalaya , Pundibari , cooch Behar, West Bengal , India. He has got learning experience with Government and NGO led participatory research and development programmes in the areas of rural planning , project monitoring, forest management and resources accounting. He was also selected as the agricultural research scientists in agricultural extension during 2009. He was worked as key trainer in different training programmes on participatory extension and group dynamics. He has been associated wirth more than four (4) mega nationally and internationally funded research and development projects. He has developed his expertise in the areas of Technology Socialisation , Women Empowerment, Micro planning , Enterpreneurship Management , Natural Resource Management , Value Addition and Supply Chain Management , Participatory Extension , Market led Extension, etc. To his credit he has published so far 89 (eighty nine) numbers of research papers in reputed national and international journals , contributed 19 (nineteen) chapters in different renowned books and co-authored 6 (six ) books.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Mr. Zigme Yolmo is right now serving as Agricultural Officer in Bank of Baroda. He is presently posted at Gandhinagar, Gujarat in Bank of Baroda. He has completed his M.Sc. (Ag.) in Agricultural Extension from Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya . His special research study is on Indigenous Technical Knowledge . He has completed his thesis on ITK in Hill ecosystem during 2013. He has co-authored four research papers in national and international journals . He has a extreme acumen on research in Extension Education , Rural Development.        

  • Prologue
  • Literature Reviewed
  • Theoretical Orientation
  • Methods and Techniques
  • Social Ecology
  • Documented Indigenous Technological Knowledge (ITK)
  • Empirical Outcome
  • Epilogue
  • References