Recalcitrant Seeds Causes & Effects

Recalcitrant Seeds Causes & Effects

by K. Sivasubramaniam,K.Raja, R.Geetha
  • ISBN: 9789381226001
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2012
  • Language: ENGLISH
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Recalcitrant (non-orthodox, homoeohydrous) seeds are a phenomenon into themselves. Several of the species from mesic forest and few from temperate highlands and wetlands show recalcitrant behaviour. It is a fact, that several of the horticultural fruits of economic importance are recalcitrant as well as a few oil bearing trees. Though orthodox behaviour promoted agrarian settlements, recalcitrant seeds were also used for their pulp bearing fruits, hence domesticated side by side along with agricultural crops. Research into recalcitrance had shown a behaviour ranging from complete orthodox, to some semblance of recalcitrant behaviour, to complete recalcitrancy, prompting the high priestess of recalcitrant phenomenon. Still in its infancy, research into recalcitrant behaviour is also a continuum. With several of plant species being lost to human related activities and several more as a consequence of global warming and climatic changes, it is high time, plant species especially in tropical rainforest were categorizedfor their recalcitrance behaviour and protocols evolved for their storage.

This book is a result of intense scrutiny into recalcitrant literature, thus may be exhaustive and useful to fellow scientists and teachers. The authors however would caution the reader, about the necessity to use this book as the first step into the world of recalcitrant phenomenon. It may serve as a beacon into future research and help them to appreciate the world of nature.

Professor Dr. K. Sivasubramaniam is scientist of many hues. He did is graduate, post graduate and doctorate in the prestigious Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore. With twenty two years spent in seed production, teaching and extension activity he is well known in the field of seed science and has authored five books that have been well received by the peer community. He has also to his credit several schemes and research projects. Presently he is the Professor and Head of Department of Seed Science and Technology, Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Dr.K.Raja, Assistant Professor, Seed Science and Technology joined the faculty during 2004. He did his doctorate in recalcitrant seed physiology of arecanut which forms genesis of this book. An avid reader and budding scientist he is an enthusiastic and quite worker. With several international articles to his credit he is currently researching the use of cashew nut shell liquid for controlling bruchids.

Dr. R. Geetha is Associate Professor in the Dept. of Seed Science and Technology at Agricultural College, Madurai. She has a wide range of experience spanning over 15 years. Her knowledge spreads over agricultural and horticultural crops. She has published several scientific articles and manuals for undergraduate courses. Her primary focus is on seed priming techniques.

  • Introduction
  • Properties of Recalcitrant Seeds
  • Collection and Extraction of Recalcitrant Seeds
  • Identification of Recalcitrant Seeds
  • Protocols for Safe Storage of Recalcitrant Seeds
  • Storage of Recalcitrant Seeds
  • Role of Vigor Tests
  • Conclusion
  • References