Advances In Cattle Research

Advances In Cattle Research

by Umesh Singh, Rajib Deb Et. All
  • ISBN: 9789381226421
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2013
  • Language: ENGLISH
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This book deals with various advance topics on cattle research. It covers recent topics, like Applications of SNP-Chip in Bovine Selection, micro RNA markers for dairy cattle production, epigenetics study in bovine, Canola feeding to cattle, novel stratagies for integrated disease forecast in prepatrum dairy cows, BoLA and bovine myostatin genes, biomarkers for bovine spermatozoa, genetic selection, bovine embryo and semen sexing, parasitic vaccine etc.

Dr. Umesh Singh, Ph.D., Principal Scientist;

Dr. Sushil Kumar, Ph.D., Senior Scientist,

Dr. Arun Kumar, Ph.D., Senior Scientist,

Dr. Rajib Deb, MVSc., Scientist;

Dr. Arjava Sharma, Ph.D., Director, Project Directorate on Cattle, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Meerut-250001, U.P., India

  • Chapter 1.  Applications of SNP-Chip in Bovine Selection
  • Chapter 2.  Research on Bovine Leukocytic Antigen (BoLA)
  • Chapter 3.  A Noval Strategies for Integrated Disease Forecast in Prepatrum Dairy Cow
  • Chapter 4.  Biomarkers for Semen Quality in Bull
  • Chapter 5.  Genetic basis of Disease Resistance in Cattle
  • Chapter 6.  Canola Meal in Cattle Production
  • Chapter 7.  Biopharming in Cattle
  • Chapter 8.  Epigenetic Complexity and Livestock Improvement with Special Reference on Cattle
  • Chapter 9.  Biotechnology Perspective of Cattle Research
  • Chapter 10.  Pre Determination of Sex of Bovine Embryo
  • Chapter 11.  Pre Determination of Bovine Sex of Sperm
  • Chapter 12.  Parasitic Vaccine with Special Reference to Cattle
  • Chapter 13.  An Account on Bovine Myostatin a Candidate Gene for Double Muscling
  • Chapter 14.  Recent Approach for Genomic Selection in Cattle Breeding
  • Chapter 15.  MicroRNA : A Revolutionary Biomarker in Dairy Industry