Recent Trends In Food Processing The Global Scenario

Recent Trends In Food Processing The Global Scenario

by D. Thyagarajan, A. Ashok, Etc. All
  • ISBN: 9789381226452
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2014
  • Language: ENGLISH
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This edited book on "Recent Trends in Food Processing – The Global Scenario " provides advances in all major aspects of food processing, in an easy accessible manner. Demand drivers like enhanced sensory quality, safety, nutrition, health, economy of food products by consumers, improves food processing operations. This book entails the application of scientific principles to maintain the natural quality of food by avoiding decay caused by micro-organisms, enzymes in the food or environmental factors such as heat, moisture and sunlight to preserve the food. Food safety has emerged as a global challenge to meet the requirements of all consumers with respect to safety and its nutritional quality. Further processing into high value-added products garners greater revenue for the producer. ><>< The food processing industry wants currently robotics that can meet the unique performance needs of the industry. Equipment designers are turning more to "smart " processing systems. There is a greater computer integration on the manufacturing floor. This provides better control of processing information. As consumer demand continues to increase, the need for increasingly complex equipment will increase as well. These changes will increase the need for employees who are skilled in the operation and maintenance of this equipment. As the equipment becomes more complex, so will the skills required to operate this equipment become more complex. Preparing for these challenges will provide great opportunity. ><>< This book will be a platform for Food Scientists, Food Engineers and Agricultural Scientist along with the Policy makers, Industrialists, Progressive farmers and Entrepreneurs to discuss various issues related to food processing, safety and food security.

Dr. D. Thyagarajan is a Professor of Poultry Science of Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai for the past sixteen years. He is presently the Director of Distance Education, Madhavaram Milk Colony, TANUVAS. He is also looking after various continuing education programmes and 22 Post-graduate diploma programs in veterinary and animal sciences. He also acted as a Dean, faculty of Food science and instrumental in starting of the M.Tech Food Technology. He also served as Director, Centre for Animal Production Studies; TANUVAS. Dr.D.Thyagarajan is recipient of Outstanding Extension Scientist Award from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi and several other awards. Besides being a distinguished teacher, research scientist and extension worker for the past 33 years, he has published over 103 technical papers/articles to his credit. He has also authored/edited over 30 books. He has also been the Principal Investigator in 10 research and societal development projects funded by national agencies like ICAR and DBT. He has guided 15 post-graduate students. He is a life member of several professional societies.

Dr. A. Ashok is working as Associate Professor of Poultry Science, Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. He has over 14 years of experience in teaching and research in the area of Poultry breeding. He has vast experience in Livestock Farm Management and Extension activities. He is a recipient of senior research fellowship in poultry science awarded by ICAR. He is also recipient of Ms.Venkateshwara Hatcheries gold medal for the first rank in M.V.Sc. Poultry Science in College of Veterinary Science, Hyderabad, APAU. He was also awarded the Ms.Venkateshwara Hatcheries gold medal for the best Ph.D. thesis in the field of Poultry science by TANUVAS. He has published over 25 technical papers/articles to his credit. He has also authoured/edited over 15 books. He has also presented over 50 papers in conferences/seminar. He is life member in several professional societies.

Dr. D. Ramasamy, Professor and head, Department of Food science and Technology at College of Food and Dairy Technology, Koduvalli, Chennai- 52. He has perceived his doctoral degree in dairy science. He has won Dr.V.Kurien’s medal, awarded for the performance in Ph.D work in the field of dairy science. He has several international and national research publications to his credit. He also authored the book entitled "Dairy Technologist Handbook" in his field of specialization. In his academic career, he has completed 7 research projects funded by various funding agencies like NADP, Min of S & T, MOFPI, TNSCST and THADCO as principal investigator. Currently he undertakes four research projects funded by ICAR, MOFRI-HRD, NADP and MOFPI out of which he acts as a principal investigator for one project and co-principal investigator for the remaining projects. He has 29 years of rich expertise in the field of academics, research and extension.

Dr. A. Surendraraj, Assistant Professor in Department of Food science and Technology at College of Food and Dairy Technology, Koduvalli, Chennai-52. He has perceived his doctoral degree in post harvest technology and masters in fisheries science. His field of specialization is functional foods, seafood microbiology and waste utilization. He has more than 10 international and 2 national publications. He has availed TNSCST and CSIR International travel grant. He has been awarded ICAR Institutional fellowship for Ph.D, ICAR Institutional scholarship for master’s degree and TANUVAS merit scholarship in UG. He acted as a coordinator for a project funded by TNSCST. He has completed a project funded by NADP as co-principal investigator. Presently, has three research projects funded by MOFPI and NADP he acts as Principal Investigator for one project and acts as a co-principal investigator for the remaining projects.

Er. G. Sujatha, is an Assistant Professor (Electrical Engineering) in College of Food and Dairy Technology, Koduvalli, Chennai. She obtained D.E.E from V.Ramakrishna Polytechnic, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai with honors and B.E(EEE) first class with distinction from University of Madras and M.E (Power Electronics and Drives) first class with distinction from Government College of Engineering, Salem in 2007. She has published over 15 technical papers in national and international conferences proceedings / journals. She has 10 years of teaching experience. Her research interests include the area of biosensors in food safety. She is a life member of Indian Dairy Engineers Association.

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  • Food Processing Scenario in Canada
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  • Nanotechnology for Food Preservation
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  • Goma Engineering in UHT Plant for Milk in Aseptic Pouches
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  • Emerging Food Safety Issues of Indian Food Products Relevant to Global Market
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  • Aquaculture and Food Safety Issues with Aquaculture Based Products
  • Progress on Processing and Utilization of Aquatic Products in China
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