Meat Science A Student Guide

Meat Science A Student Guide

by A.R. Sen, M.Muthukumar, B.M. Naveena
  • ISBN: 9789381226605
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: Print Again 2024
  • Language: ENGLISH
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This book implies a reference book organized similarly to a classroom text and covers the area as per the B.V.Sc. syllabus for Livestock Products Technology prescribed by Veterinary Council of India. The book outlines the most basics of Meat Science and their application in meat processing technology. It contains sixteen chapters and explores the meat composition, colour, structure, conversion of muscle to meat, ageing, processing and other quality attributes of meat and aquatic foods and also more recent topics like genetically engineered foods and organic meat. In addition, chapters on nutritional value and composition of eggs, rules and regulations governing meat exports are also included. Overall the book provides basic information on meat, fish, poultry and egg processing. A question bank containing several objective and subjective type questions was also incorporated at the end of the textbook to provide some orientation to students. The book has been written in a simple language and in a very comprehensive manner. This book will be useful to students, industry people and academia and will provide the readers with a convenience reference book.

A.R. Sen completed his doctoral degree (1996) in Livestock Products Technology from IVRI, Izatnagar, U.P. He had undergone advanced training on Meat quality under overseas award at Danish Institute of Agricultural Science, Denmark. He has many research articles in National and International Journal of repute in his credit and has also contributed many book chapters and also writing one book with Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK. He has experience in meat animal production systems and their influence on carcass and meat quality, also developed knowhow for many processed meat products and having more than 20 years of research experience in development and industrial production systems of meat and poultry products.

M. Muthukumar has completed his master’s degree in meat science and technology from Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai in the year 1998 and post graduate diploma in Business management (PGDBM). After serving for two years in modern integrated meat processing plants of M/s Al-Kabeer Exports Ltd., Hyderabad and Frigorifico Allana Ltd., Aurangabad, he joined ARS in the year 2001. He later earned his Ph.D from Sri Venkateshwara Veterinary University, Tirupathy. He has several national and international research articles, one book and three book chapters to his credit. He served as editorial board member of Journal of Meat science. He was instrumental in getting GI status to Haleem, traditional meat product of Hyderabad. He is also actively involved in imparting training to entrepreneurs on clean meat production, processing and preservation of value added meat products. His research areas include product development and shelf life extension of meat and meat products. Presently he is working in the area of chemical residues in meat and meat products.

B.M. Naveena earned his master’s (1999) and doctoral degree (2002) in Livestock Products Technology (LPT) from Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Izatnagar, U.P. He later did his post-doc (2008-09) under BOYSCAST fellowship at University of Connecticut, USA. He is a national contact person from India for International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICOMST), Finland and he has presented his research findings in different international events held at South Korea and Germany. He is the author and co-author of numerous international research articles, three patents, one book and edited a book chapter with Woodhead publishers, London. He is also serving as associate editor “Journal of Meat Science”. His research interests include improvement of colour and texture of different meats using proteomic approach, lipid oxidation, packaging and natural ingredients use in meat products. He has coordinated several entrepreneurial training programs and successfully transferred/commercialized meat products processing and packaging technologies to entrepreneurs.

  • Indian Meat Industry: An Overview
  • Muscle Structure and Composition
  • Post Mortem Changes in Meat and Poultry
  • Role of Meat in Human Nutrition and Health
  • Meat Adulteration
  • Preservation Methods of Meat and Aquatic Foods
  • Ageing/Conditioning of Meat
  • Advanced Technologies for Processing of Meat and Meat Products
  • Packaging of Meat and Meat Products
  • Formulation and Development of Value Added Meat, Poultry and Fish Products
  • Quality Attributes of Meat and Aquatic Food Products
  • Sensory Evaluation of Meat and Other Food Products
  • Composition and Preservation of Egg and Egg Products
  • Rules and Regulations Governing Domestic and Export Meat Trade
  • Organic Meat Production
  • Genetically Modified Muscle Foods
  • Annexures
  • Bibliography
  • Index