Elements Of Agricultural Chemistry

Elements Of Agricultural Chemistry

by R.K. Kaleeswari, R. Rajeswari Et. All.
  • ISBN: 9789381226872
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2014
  • Language: ENGLISH
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Elements of Agricultural Chemistry – This book impart a scrupulous understanding of chemistry of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, sugar crops, vegetables, fruits, spices and condiments. It also elucidates chemical constituents and mode of action of pesticides that paves the way for safety handling of pesticides. The chemistry of agricultural and horticultural crops gives support to the scientists involving in plant breeding research. This book enlightens the pest control measures that maximize productivity and profitability. This manuscript is an excellent reference for environmental and agricultural professionals as well as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students preparing for a career in agriculture or pest management.

Dr. R. K. Kaleeswari, working as Professor (Soil Science) at Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore has 17 years of teaching and research experiences. She has completed her post doctoral research programme in Australia to explore the possibilities of soil carbon sequestration in salt affected soils. Her field of specialization is soil fertility with regard to soil carbon sequestration in agro-ecosystems. She has operated 10 research projects on soil fertility. She is awarded with prestigious award of Government of Australia, Endeavour Research Award 2008. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University awarded her with Best Researcher award during the year 2009

Dr. R. Rajeswari got Dr.K.K.Krishnamoorthy and Dr.G.Selvakumari awards. She has six years of professional experience as research scholar.

Dr. J. Prabhaharan working as Assistant Professor (Soil Science) in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has 6 years experience in teaching and research activities. He has published 20 research articles for the benefit of scientific community.

Dr. C. Bharathi working as Assistant Professor (Soil Science) in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has 9 years of research experience and recipient of Junior Scientist award. She has published 19 scientific articles in national and international journals.

  • Proximate and Ultimate Constituent of Plants
  • Nutritional Quality of Cereals
  • Nutritional Quality of Sugarcane
  • Nutritional Quality of Pulses
  • Nutritional Quality of Oil Seed Crops
  • Analytical Constant of Fats and Oils
  • Nutritional Quality of Fruits I
  • Nutritional Quality of Fruits II
  • Nutritional Quality of Vegetables I
  • Nutritional Quality of Vegetables II
  • Chemical Constituent of Spices and Condiment
  • Chemical Constituent of Narcotics
  • Chemical Constituent of Beverages
  • Chemical Constituent of Essential Oils
  • Nutrional Quality of Forage Crops
  • Post Harvest Changes in Pulses
  • Post Harvest Changes in Oilseed and Sugarcane
  • Post Harvest Changes in Fruits and Vegetables
  • Classification of Pesticides
  • Formulations of Pesticides - Dusts and Wettable Powder
  • Formulations of Pesticides - Emulsion Concentrates and Water Miscible Liquids sprays
  • Formulations of Pesticides - Aerosols and Fumigants Insecticidal Aerosols
  • Organochlorine Insecticides
  • Organophosphate Insecticides
  • Carbamate Insecticides
  • Botanicals Insecticides
  • Synthetic Pyrethroids
  • Chemistry of Fungicides
  • Organic Fungicides
  • Systemic Fungicides
  • Chemistry of Herbicides
  • Chemistry of Rodenticides
  • Chemistry of Nematicides
  • Pesticides Control Order
  • Compatibility of Pesticides with Other Agrochemicals
  • Impact of Pesticides in Environment