Farm Economics Enterpreneurship & Marketing

Farm Economics Enterpreneurship & Marketing

by Reeja George P, P.J. Raj Kamal
  • ISBN: 9789385055362
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2015
  • Language: ENGLISH
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With the introduction of a unified syllabus by the Veterinary Council of India, all students of the Bachelor of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (B.V.Sc) course in India are expected to study the basics of accounting, economics and marketing. This book provides a brief and concise introduction into various aspects of accountancy as well as economics and marketing which are covered in the third year of the course. A novel feature of this text book is the inclusion of basic concepts in this field of study. The book would also be beneficial to undergraduate students and diploma of dairy science, agriculture, home science and livestock management and other students who have minor courses in this area.

Dr. Reeja George P is working at the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy Kerala. She has been teaching Veterinary Extension for the past ten years and has published several scientific papers in both national and international journals.

Dr. P.J. Raj Kamal is Professor and Head of the Department of Veterinary Extension, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, Kerala and holds the additional charge of Director of Students’ Welfare, Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. He is doing teaching, research and extension for more than three decades now and has published several scientific papers in both national and international journals. He has co-authored six text books and is a recipient of FAO fellowship.

  • Part I : Farm Economics
  • An Introduction to Farm Economics
  • Essential Economic Concepts
  • What is Livestock Production Economics?
  • Inputs and Outputs-Exploring Connections
  • The Economic Resources
  • Basic Production Economics Concepts
  • Production Functions
  • Production Relationships
  • Combining the F actors of Pro duction
  • Determination of Prices
  • Part II : Entrepreneurship
  • Evolution of the Concept of Entrepreneurship
  • The Enterprise Development Process
  • Tools for Financial Management of Enterprises : Book-Keeping
  • Accounting for Entrepreneurs
  • The Journal and the Ledger
  • The Subsidiary Books
  • The Trial Balance
  • The Final Accounts
  • Part III Marketing
  • Basic Marketing Concepts
  • Market Structure
  • Evolution of Markets
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Marketing System
  • Marketing Functions
  • Marketing Channels