Analytical Techniques In Agriculture

Analytical Techniques In Agriculture

by R.K. Kaleeswari, M.R. Latha, R. Rajeswari
  • ISBN: 9789385055522
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2016
  • Language: ENGLISH
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This book provides a synopsis of the methods for analyzing soil physical, chemical, biological and biochemical properties, quantifying nutrient content of fertilizers and manures, active ingredient of pesticides and quality of irrigation water and industrial effluents. This book also endow with the procedure for quantifying the nutrient composition of the crops. The book presents recent improvements in methodology, outlines new methods, and characterizes the best methods available for selecting appropriate analysis techniques. Methods have been selected for their accuracy, speed, and ease of duplication. Soil testing has been widely used as a basis for determining fertilizer and soil amendments for amelioration of soils having salt hazards. To sustain the soil health and for balanced application of plant nutrients, farmers and plant growers will come to rely on soil test results. If soil testing is to be an effective means of evaluating the fertility status of soils, standardization of methodology is essential. The book will prove an invaluable strait to standard methods and ideal for scientists, engineers, and students in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, geography, remote sensing, environmental science, food nutritionist and land-use planning.

Dr. R.K. Kaleeswari, working as Professor (Soil Science) has 20 years of teaching and research experiences. She has completed her post doctoral research programme in Australia to explore the possibilities of soil carbon sequestration in salt affected soils. Her field of specialization is soil fertility and nutrient management. She has operated 12 research projects on soil fertility. She is awarded with Endeavour Research Award awarded by Government of Australia, Best Researcher award by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and FAI- IMPHOS award for outstanding research work on phosphorus by the World Phosphate Institute (IMPHOS), Morocco. She has published 70 research papers and 3 books.

Dr. M.R. Latha, working as as Assistant Professor (Soil Science). She has published 30 research papers and 2 books.

Dr. R. Rajeswari, working as Assistant Professor (Soil Science) . She is awarded with Dr.K.K.Krishnamoorthy and Dr.G.Selvakumari awards for outstanding merit awarded by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. She has published 15 research papers and 3 books.

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Soil Analysis
  • Analysis of Soil Chemical Properties
  • Plant Analysis
  • Water Analysis
  • Soil Biochemical Analysis
  • Analysis of Agrochemicals
  • Soil Microbiological Analysis
  • Fractionation of Soil Nutrients
  • Analysis of Effluent / Polluted Water
  • Radio Active Assay
  • Annexure (I-X)