Pig Production

Pig Production

by R. M. Acharya, Puneet Kumar
  • ISBN: 9789386200143
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2017
  • Language: ENGLISH
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This book is based on an extensive review of literature available in the country on various aspects of pig production, health and products technology and the current limitations and the opportunities for increasing pig production both as an economic activity and as a source of protective food. The current R&D efforts, their strength and weaknesses and what more needs to be done and how the R&D should be organized so that pig production can be economically feasible and socially acceptable and can generate production technologies which would be acceptable to the pig keepers in India at present and in the foreseeable future areas are required urgent concentration by R&D. The book is expected to be used in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and identifying research priorities and laying down a roadmap for sustainable pig production under various agro-ecological and socio-economic conditions, currently prevailing in the country and that are likely to arise in the near future.

Dr. R. M. Acharya was associated with National Commission on Agriculture as Member Secretary on the groups on Small Ruminant Production, and Veterinary, Animal Science and Dairy Education and prepared the reports and the recommendation for consideration and acceptance of the commission. The long experience in teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the Punjab/Haryana Agriculture Universities, research and research management experience at the Universities and under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research as Director, Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute from 1970-1980, which saw tremendous growth of infrastructure and initiation of new initiatives such as AICRPs on Goat for Meat. In position as Deputy Director General (Animal Sciences) was responsible for planning, evaluation and co-ordination of projects in Animal Production, Animal Health and Animal Products Technology, Fisheries Sciences, Social Sciences and Economics and Forage Research. He was member of the FAO expert panels on Animal Genetic Resource Conservation, Biotechnology, Small Ruminant Production and prepared technical bulletins on Sheep and Goat Breeds in India and State of Indian Livestock Genetic Resources. He Was also associated with UNDP, SDC, IDRC, World Bank, Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation on preparation/ evaluation of research and development projects in Animal Husbandry.

Dr. Puneet Kumar served as scientist at Central Institute for Research on Goats, Makhdoom, P.O. Farah, Mathura (UP) for 25 years. There he worked on economical and comfortable animal housing for different agro-climatic conditions, micro-climate and its effect on animal production. He also worked extensively on thermoregulatory mechanisms of goats in different thermal, solar radiation environment coupled with water scarcity. Presently he is working in the area of climate change and its impact on livestock production and diseases at the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar. In addition to research work in Animal Physiology, he is actively engaged in a new initiative of Indian Council of Agricultural Research in the area of Technology Commercialization, Entrepreneurship Development, Intellectual Property Management, Contract and Consultancy Projects through Zonal Technology Management Centre.

  • Current Pig Production Scenario In The Country
  • Indigenous And Exotic Pig Genetic Resources-Need For Proper Description, Evaluation, Sustainable Use And Conservation
  • Pig Management
  • Pig Nutrition (Nutritional Requirements Of Pigs Under Intensive And Extensive Production Systems And Ration Formulation)
  • Pig Diseases-Prevention And Control
  • Pig Reproduction
  • Heat Stress In Pigs, Its Effects And Amelioration Measures
  • Pork, Its Characteristics And Processing
  • Bio-Security Measures In Pig Production
  • Summary And Recommendations
  • Reading