Handbook Of Meat Science

Handbook Of Meat Science

by Prabhat Kumar Mandal, Ashim Kumar Biswas
  • ISBN: 9789386200419
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2018
  • Language: ENGLISH
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Foods of animal origin with high biological value are very important source of animal proteins and other important nutrients for human being. There is heavy demand for the muscle foods and the consumers are very much aware about their health bene?ts. Accordingly lots of research and developments are going on in this area to provide quality meat and meat products. Recently, the Veterinary Council of Indian has revised the curriculum for undergraduate study (BV Se & AH) and the course contents are thoroughly revised (MSVE, 2016). Under the department of Livestock Products Technology one of the important portions in the syllabus is "Meat Science" (Unit-4). This book is designed as a "Handbook" as an easy digests of the subject with precise points. charts, tables, ?gures especially for the average students. The syllabus on Meat Science is covered under 17 topics including two topics on eggs as per the syllabus. Each topic/chapter is designed in such a way that it can be covered in one lecture and thus the whole syllabus can be covered in 17 lectures which is justi?able.

Prabhat Kumar Mandal Associate Professor Department of Livestock Products Technology Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research, Kurumbapet, Puducherry~605009 e-mail madanpkm@gmail com

Ashim Kumar Biswas Senior Scientist (LPT) Division of Post-Harvest Technology, ICAR-CARI, Izatnagar, Bareilly-243122 (U.P.) e-mail: biswaslpt@gmail.com

  • Prospect Of Meat Industry In India
  • Structure And Organisation Of Muscle
  • Composition And Nutritive Value Of Meat
  • Conversion Of Muscle To Meat And Ageing
  • Meat Quality And Spoilage
  • Meat Preservation By Chilling And Freezing
  • Meat Preservation By Canning, Drying And Irradiation
  • Meat Preservation By Curing, Smoking And Chemicals
  • Processing Comminuted Meat Products
  • Processing Non-Comminuted Meat Products
  • Packaging Of Meat And Meat Products
  • Eating Quality And Sensory Evaluation
  • Meat Species Identification
  • Organic And Genetically Modified Meat
  • National And International Laws For Meat Trade
  • Composition, Quality And Packaging Of Egg
  • Preservation And Processing Of Egg