Women & Diversity

Women & Diversity

by Narendra Singh Rathore, Lalita Vatta, Ragini Ranawat
  • ISBN: 9789388892797
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2021
  • Language: English
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The Book is an attempt to cover different dimensions and areas which are responsible for affecting the life and status of women as compared to men. Gender studies is essential part of the under graduate degree programmes of all the steams, so the versatile content dealing with different phases of women’s life may provide the students a feast. Along with the students, researcher will get a forward thought about how gender can be assimilated with media, education, entrepreneurship social security home political participation etc. and thus the idea of collaborative researcher can be generated planned and executed. The content can be useful for the teachers of social sciences media Gender studies, Agriculture etc. for keeping them updated and aware. The portrayal of women in terms of their contribution and status in allied field of home would definitely impress social workers, politicians and activists to think from the point of view of women and plan policies accordingly.

Prof. Narendra Singh Rathore Vice Chancellor Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology Udaipur-313001, Rajasthan

Dr. Lalita Vatta Assistant Professor (Extension Education) Department of Home Science , University of Rajasthan Jaipur-302004, Rajasthan

 Dr. Ragini Ranawat Assistant Professor (Foods and Nutrition) Department of Home Science, University of Rajasthan Jaipur-302004, Rajasthan



  • Women and Diversity: Dimensions, Challenges and Conflicts

Health and Nutrition

  • Women and Mental Health
  • Health Status of Women: Prospective and Challenges
  • Gender Inequality: Roadblock in Achieving Nutritional Targets in India
  • Diverse Occupations and Occupational Health Hazards of Women Workforce
  • Factors Affecting Health Seeking Behaviour Among Women During Menopausal Transition

Agriculture and Food Security

  • Role of Women in Food Security
  • Women Safety and Ergonomics in Agriculture: An Overview
  • Gender Implications for Climate Smart Agricultue
  • Digital Divide and Empowerment of Farm Women
  • Women: Invisible Backbone of Hill Agriculture
  • Role of Farm Women in Doubling Income
  • Women and Disparity in Relation to Decision-making
  • Women and Urban Horticulture


  • Innovations in Entrepreneurship for Women: Leading from Incubation to Start-up
  • Disability Among Women in India: Hurdles and Coping
  • Entrepreneurship Development of Women in India: Status, Opportunities and Challenges
  • Status and Government Initiatives for Women Entrepreneurship in India


  • Women and Education
  • An Overview of Women’s Education in India: The Past and the Present
  • Gender Gap in STEM
  • Promoting Gender Equality: Policy and Action for Ensuring Survival and Education of the Girl Child
  • ‘A Resistance or Metamorphosis?’: Locating Female Identity in Indian Literature
  • Role of Women in Skill Development


  • Media and Women - Fight for Gender Equality Continues
  • Portrayal of Women in Media: Socio Psychological Perspective


 Pioneers and Leadership

  • Indian Women Pioneers Who Break the Myths
  • Preparing Women to Lead in National Development: Challenges and Strategies
  • Women in Local Governance
  • Women in Frontier Areas of Development

Minority and Marginalized Communities

  • Status of Women in Minority Communities and Marginalized Groups of India
  • Gender Responsive Budget and Policies Towards Women of Marginalized Communities

Household Matters

  • Diversity in Home: Family Relationship and Social Change
  • Gender Disparity: Faced by Indian Women in Domestic Environment
  • House-hold Level Resource Management for Women

Professional Life

  • Challenges Faced by Women in Professional Life
  • Married Working Women and Work-Life Balance


  • Violence Against Women in India
  • Abuse and Women

Response to Disasters

  • Coping Strategies of Women in Various Disasters.
  • Impact Review of COVID-19 Over Women: A Global Scenario

Legal Rights

  • Legal Status of Women in India
  • Reproductive Rights of Women

Contemporary Issues

  • Glass Ceiling in Gender
  • The Path to Equality: Women’s Sports
  • Women and Poverty
  • Feminism- Is It Overrated ?
  • Economic Reforms and Budgetary Provision for Women