A Text Book on Vegetable Seed Production

A Text Book on Vegetable Seed Production

by Nityamanjari Mishra, Kaushik Kumar Panigrahi, Arghya Mani
  • ISBN: 9789390425242
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Year: 2022
  • Language: English
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The book Fundamentals and concepts in vegetable seed production edited by Nityamanjari Mishra, Kausik Kumar Panigrahi and Arghya Mani has been written for the benefit of all those who are interested in refreshing their knowledge and understanding about detail valuable information of basics of vegetable seed production. This book is designed to frame the scattered information from various sources and the personal research experience of the authors. The details not only explain scientific facts about the vegetable seed production but also includes valuable practical tips for the common man who wants to produce vegetable seeds on commercial scale. This book will act as a guide to the students, teachers, researchers, seed companies and vegetable seed producers for successful vegetable seed production

Dr. Nityamanjari Mishra (Date of Birth: 15. 08. 1986) is presently working as a Junior Scientist (Horticulture) in Regional Research and Technology Transfer Station, Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, Keonjhar, Odisha. She has completed her M.Sc. (Horticulture) and Ph.D. in vegetable Science from OUAT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha during the year 2009 and 2014 respectively. She has published about 35 research papers in different National Journals and International Journals, 25 numbers of popular articles in regional journals and scientific magazines, 5 booklets in regional language (Odiya) and four book chapters and one book till date. She has attended many National and International seminars/symposiums and delivered 20 numbers of oral and poster presentations. She is a member in many scientific societies. She has also acted as an associate Editor in E-Planet (A multi-disciplinary International Journal of Ecology, Environment, Agriculture and Allied Sciences) and a reviewer in International Journal of Agriculture Sciences and Editor-inChief in Agriculture and Food: e-Newsletter. She has got the best young Scientist award for the year 2016 from International Journal of Tropical Agriculture at New Delhi in 26th June 2016 and Honorable Jury Mention Young Scientist Award in 6th Academic Brilliance Award Ceremony-2018 in 28th January 2018 at Noida, New Delhi.

Dr. Kaushik Kumar Panigrahi is working as an Assistant Professor (Plant Breeding & Genetics) in Odisha University of Agriculture & Technology (OUAT). He has completed his B.Sc. (Agriculture) from OUAT, M.Sc. (Ag) in Plant Breeding & Genetics from Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal and Ph.D. (Agriculture) with specialization in Plant Breeding & Genetics from OUAT. He was recipient of the University Merit Scholarship during his M.Sc. (Ag) at BCKVV, West Bengal. He was awarded with ICAR-Senior Research Fellowship (SRF)in the discipline of Plant Breeding. He has also qualified NET-2012 and NET-2014 (National Eligibility Test) conducted by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in the discipline of Genetics and Plant Breeding.He has published more than 35 research publications in several national international journals of repute and has written one book and three numbers of practical manuals for undergraduate students. He has more than six years of experience in teaching, research and extension v activities. His specialized area of research is conventional and molecular breeding for yield and stress resistance in pulses & vegetables. As a young researcher, he has visited International Rice Research Institute, Philippines, and Israel for better research accomplishments.

Mr. Arghya Mani is working as an Assistant Professor in Institute of Agricultural Science, SAGE University, Indore. He has completed B.Sc. Horticulture and M.Sc. Pomology and Post-Harvest Technology in the year 2015 and 2017 respectively. He has qualified ICAR-NET in Fruit Science. He has attended 12 national & international conferences/ seminars/symposium, 3 workshops, 3 training programs. He has industrial training exposure in “Overseas Agro-product Pvt. Ltd”. As a 1st author he has got 1 book, 20 popular articles, 15 research papers, 15 book chapters, 8 review papers published at both national and international level. Beside, that he has successfully represented NGOs to disseminate knowledge related to horticulture technology and food processing at farmer’s level. He has attended several webinars and online courses. He has organized and coordinated some seminars and webinars as well. He is Editor in reputed journals like “Dysona – Applied Science Journal”, “Dysona – Life Science Journal” and “e-Planet journal”. He is a reviewer of “Journal of Agricultural and Bio-chemical Sciences”, “International Journal of Agricultural Sciences”, “International Journal of Agricultural Marketing”. He is an advisory board member of “Cambridge Scholar Publishing”. He got awarded with “Certificate of Merit” for his academic excellence during his bachelor degree. Besides that he has been awarded with “Best Oral presentation” three times in different events. He has also been awarded “Young Professional Award” twice in different seminars. He has got “Young Scientist Award” by SIRI society as well. He has got honored with “Outstanding Horticulturist Award” by ‘GreenAgri Professional Society’. He has been felicitated with “Gold Medal” for ‘Best Master Degree Thesis’ during 6th convocation of Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya. At present, he is doing research on diverse aspects related to minor and underutilized fruits. He is actively involved in research to ensure doubling of farmers’ income by innovative processing technology.

  • Principles of Vegetable Seed Production...............Sujata Das and Nityamanjari Mishra
  • Modes of Reproduction & Pollination Mechanisms in Vegetables ........ Kaushik Kumar Panigrahi
  • Seed Production Technology of Tomato ............ Debmala Mukherjee and Subhrajyoti Chatterjee
  • Hybrid Seed Production in Brinjal ........... Sasmita Behera and Dr. H.N. Mishra
  • Seed Production Technology of Chilli and Capsicum ........ Saheb Pal, Solanki Bal and Geddipurnadattha Reddy
  • Seed Production Technology of Okra .............. Anjan Das and Saurabh Singh
  • Seed Production Technology of Cabbage ............ Prateek Singh, Diksha Mishra, Prachi Pattnaik, Anand Kumar Singh, B.K. Singh and A.K. Pal
  • Seed Production Technology of Cauliflower............... Sanket Kumar and Mohammad Arshad Nadeem
  • Seed Production Technique of Minor Cole Crops ....... Rimansaha Chowdhury, Suchand Datta and Arpita Kundu
  • Seed Production in Carrot ......... Nityamanjari Mishra and Arghya Mani
  • Seed Production in Beet .............Nityamanjari Mishra and Arghya Mani
  • Seed Production of Radish..........Nityamanjari Mishra and Arghya Mani
  • Seed Production in Turnip.......... Nityamanjari Mishra and Arghya Mani
  • Seed Production Technology of Pumpkin ..... Ravi Kiran Thirumdasu, Gantakoteswara Rao, Ranjitpamirelli and Puttapalli Raja Sekhar
  • Seed Production Technology of Cucumber ............ Aradhana Sen and Sushmita Subba
  • Seed Production Technology of Melons and Gourds ........Sindhu V., Safal Rai, Ram Krishna Sarkar and Eggadi Ramesh
  • Seed Production Technology of Onion........... Solanki Bal and Saheb Pal
  • Seed Production Technology of Garlic ........ Solanki Bal and Saheb Pal
  • Seed Production Technology of Potato ......Nityamanjari Mishra and Dr. H.N. Mishra
  • Seed Production Technology of Leguminous Vegetable Crops .......... Subhrajyoti Chatterjee and Debmala Mukherjee
  • Seed Production Technology of Leafy Vegetables .... Solanki Bal and Saheb Pal
  • Integrated Disease Management in Vegetable Seed Production ...... Susmita Jha and M. Ranjana Devi
  • Integrated Pest Management in Vegetable Seed Production ..... K. Elango, P. Arunkumar, B.R. Jayanthi Mala, D. Ramesh Kumar and R.Surya raj
  • Disease and Pest Management of Vegetables Seeds After Harvesting ...... Debanjana Debnath and Snehasish Routray
  • Post-harvest Processing of Vegetable Seeds .... Venkata Satish Kuchi, V.S.S.V. Prasanna, Jannila Praveena and Arghya Mani
  • General Seed Certification Standards .......... Kaushik Kumar Panigrahi and Ayesha Mohanty
  • Important Varieties and Hybrids of Vegetable Crops ..... Supriya, B.V.
  • Appendix.......... Nityamanjari Mishra, Kaushik Kumar Panigrahi and Ayesha Mohanty